Share your unpatented compounds securely

& find collaborations through in-silico screening.

  • Trusted Blockchain Technology
  • Automated Universal MTA
  • Success-based Business model

Inospiner Screening is an online compound sharing platform
that simplifies and protects the transfer of compound libraries (not patented nor commercialized)
between Molecule Owners and Molecule Screeners for virtual screening thanks to a blockchain-based process.

Why join the Inospiner platform?

New applications for your compounds 

Most synthesized compounds remain on your lab shelves not patented. Upload them once on Inospiner, let virtual screeners identify new applications and get in-touch to collaborate.

Valorize your work 

If a virtual HIT occurs, discuss directly with industrial or academic groups about contract research deals or novel intellectual property output such as Patents or Publications. Inospin’s team can also support you in the deal process.

Pay when you get paid

No upfront cost. Only pay a success fee in case of financial deals (acquisition, Contract Research, production, etc.) resulting from a screening via the platform.

Protect your work

Automated Material Transfer Agreements allow pain-free and transparent tracking and proof of who and when your structures are consulted.

Archive structures at any time if you find any new use.

Would you like to share your compounds?

New compounds, non-commercially available, 1-click away

Download structures of synthesized compounds from multiple organizations in 1 click.


Access new molecules

Untapped libraries of synthesized compounds (derivatives, intermediaries, etc.) that were IP depriorised by their owners.

MTA in 1 click 

Search for Molecules of interest using partial SMILE, text or range filters, see how many matching structures and and request the export. In 1 click, MTAs are signed with all owners and you can download the structure via SD File.

Test structures in your in-silico environment

Standardised SD Files are available for download instantly upon validation of the MTAs.

You can use the structures for screening purpose and request samples from owners.

Would you like to access the database and screen compounds?

Why only Inospin can do it?

Leading partnering network

Strong expertise in compound sharing

Leading Edge on Blockchain and AI applications

Pain-free contracting

Since 2013, over 100,000 interactions with Academic groups for Partnering purposes on behalf of hundreds of industry players

For years, Inospin has been collaborating with organizations such as Eli Lilly, Bayer, Merck Group, Sanofi, BASF, etc. to identify new compound libraries for screening purposes.

Being at the front end of innovation and IP, our teams acquired in-depth knowledge related to blockchain and machine learning applications.

Increase and fasten collaboration opportunities while cutting administrative constraints for TTOs, PIs and industry counterparts.

How it works


Join the platform with your organization

Prior to upload structures, compound owners must accept the T&C and the MTA template.

For research teams, compounds can be the property of your organization. Therefore, you may involve your Technology Transfer Office one time only.


Upload your molecules for digital screening

Upload SD Files or raw SMILES formulas.

Your data will automatically be parsed and standardized.

How to export SD file or Get SMILES.


Review who signed contracts with you

Each time a Virtual Screener requests an export, their query is minted into an NFT, creating an unfalsifiable “picture” of which structures will be given access to and working as a partial key for the download authorisation.

Consult your Material Transfer Agreements at any time and who has downloaded your structures.


Collaborate with screeners following a virtual hit

Following a virtual screening, an organization may reach out to ask for a sample and discuss potential next steps. It usually includes various options and milestones such as: sample sharing, contract research, exclusivity, patent application or publication, etc.
Do not be afraid, Inospin‘s team can support you through the negotiation process until the deal completion.


Join the platform with your organization

Prior to downloading structures, your organization must accept the T&C and the MTA template that will require only a one-time validation by your legal team.

Important note: you can use a test account without signing an MTA or involving your organization.


Search for relevant compounds
and build custom libraries

Browse the database using raw text search and several range filters.

See how many structures per organization and proceed to request access.


Request access and automatically sign MTAs

By requesting access to the structures, you initiate the automatic MTA signature process.

In 1 click, you will sign a contract with each organization that has structures of interest.

The search will be minted as an NFT, working as a partial key for you to download the data.


Download your custom library via SD files and screen in your own environment

In a matter of seconds, contracts will be processed and you will be redirected to the download page.

The structures can be instantly used in your Virtual screening environment.

Note: Custom API access is available upon request.


Request samples from screeners following a virtual hit

In case of virtual HIT, you may request samples for further investigations.
Molecule providers are requested to have at least 10mg in stock or the capability to produce a new batch.

This would be subject to a new ad-hoc MTA with the organization.

For information purposes, it is usually expected to pay about $100 for 10 mg.

Key features

Trusted Blockchain Technology
and data storage

The Inospiner platform is based on one of the most popular Level1 blockchain, Algorand, launched in 2017, by Silvio Micali, professor at MIT. The Algorand blockchain was adopted by global organizations such as FIFA or The Bank of Italy. Algorand is also Carbon Negative since 2021. Learn more about Algorand

Compound structures are “private” by nature and are stored on private AWS servers to provide industry level security and compliant cloud technology.

Automated Universal Agreements
Time saving simplified process

1 contract fits all: Inospin’s legal team built a universal MTA focused on the sole purpose of using the compound structures for in-silico screening and combining key features from widely recognized organizations MTA templates such as AUTM, NIH, CNRS, ASTP, Oxford University, AstraZeneca, BASF, etc.

In only 1 click a molecule screener will sign contracts with each molecule provider that has structures of interest.

Success-based Business Model
no set-up fees

No fees to join, add or search structures until MTAs are signed.

Thanks to our standard agreements signed in 1 click, decrease your legal and administrative fees to 1 euro per MTA.

If there is collaboration between the molecule provider and screener, a 5% transaction fee will apply for each user.

Contact us to know more about the fee structures.

Platform overview

Screener: search molecules using full text search and tags
Screener: precise your search using ranges
Screener: select organisations and proceed to sign contracts and access the download
Screener: your contracts are ready, you can download the molecules
Molecule provider: Tag your molecules
Molecule provider: upload SD files or SMILEs via .txt files
Molecule provider: review and manage your uploads
Molecule provider: review your molecules



Currently the platform allows the import of Small Molecules via SD files or SMILES formula via Text files ((.txt)  1 SMILES per line).
It is planned to accept Large molecules (pdb files) during 2023.

  • The platform operates custodial wallets so that if they are changed among your teams, you will never lose the private keys.
  • Concretely, that means that users do not directly interact with blockchain thanks to a standard web 2.0 interface.

Simply use the contact form

The platform is accessible to authorised users within organizations that have accepted the T&C, including the MTA template.

Once the terms and conditions are validated, a main contact within your organisation will authorise the creation of new accounts.

A user may have the following level of authorisation:

  • Molecule Provider
  • Molecule Screener
  • Molecule Provider & Screener

Ultimately, access is limited to authorised users to prevent unsupervised upload of structures.

We understand that some organizations may not align with the values and principles of our users and contributors.

Therefore, we do not and will provide access to the compounds shared on the Inospiner platform to organizations that engage in the production or sale of tobacco products or to defense companies, including their subsidiaries.

We are committed to ensuring that our platform is used ethically and for the greater good of society, and we will take appropriate measures to ensure that our users’ work is not used in ways that are contrary to these values

Specific for Molecule providers (PIs & TTOs)

  • SD Files:
    • Structure Data Files (.sdf) are text-based chemical file formats that describe molecules and chemical reactions. The file contains structural information and associated data items. Most Cheminformatics tools allow direct exports. You can import any SD File version on the Inospiner platform. 
  • SMILES: 
    • Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System (SMILES) is a chemical notation used to represent a chemical structure in a way that can be used by Cheminformatics tools. You can get SMILES formula for your molecules directly from the molecule editor program (ie: ChemDraw, Datawarrior, etc.) 

Yes. We keep your original file  in case of future updates of the platform (i.e new standardization methodology, new incremental data, etc.)

  • If you found a new use for a molecule or out-licensed it, you can archive the molecule so that it does not appear in future searches. 
  • However, the structures can not be deleted if they have been included in an MTA. The contract link to the molecule must remain active to work as a proof. 

If the size of your SD File may be too large. Consider splitting your file.

Blockchain logs and smart contracts (MTA) work as timestamps. Protecting you and the screener both ways.

  • A smart contract is a contract accepted by all users. The screener is not allowed to exploit the data further than its intended use.
  • The delimitation of the framework is set by contract and is equally binding as a standard Material Transfer Agreement.

Yes, providing that your organization accepts T&Cs for screeners. There could also be some costs involved. Please contact our team.

It is up to you to fix the value for your compounds, however, it is generally accepted to pay approximately 100€ for a 10mg sample.

  • You can upload them in a batch based on relevant compound class and chemical or therapeutic use. 
  • During the upload, you will be asked to add relevant tags and help categorize your structures.
  • You need to share the structures either via raw SMILE formula or SD files. 
    • SD Files can include multiple structures per file. 
    • SMILE formulas can be copy-pasted directly on the upload page, 1 line per structure. 
    • Some of the data (SMILE, Mol/weight, etc.) will be automatically recalculated and standardized for export in SDF v3000 format. 
  • SD Files can be annotated with additional data that you are comfortable sharing.
  • Most cheminformatic tools (ChemDraw, DataWarrior, etc.) allow the export of compounds both as SD Files and SMILES
  • You can find further information in our guidelines

Inospin’s team work directly with PIs and their Tech Transfer Offices to collect structures sleeping I.P. free on labs shelves.

Basically, the database in composed of structures that were synthesized but owners will not pursue patent applications or publications.


While not mandatory, we recommend to upload structures with confirmed sample purity above 80%. By experience we know that for industrial biotech applications screeners usually expect a minimum purity level of 80%.


Specific for screeners

  • Your account may not have accepted the T&C and MTA or you may run out of credit.
  • Please contact our team.  

As per the accepted terms, you can not without prior agreement with the Molecule provider.

  • No. You receive the structure only. This provides you with the freedom to explore the structure in any virtual assay, but most importantly it makes it easier to collect the raw structures. 
  • However, if a PI uploaded an SD file with annotations, you will also get those annotations at export.

We ask all molecule providers to upload only non-patented nor commercialized molecules at the time of the upload.

However it may possible that publicly disclosed molecules are included with a library batch upload. 

Yes, Inospin has selected various CROs that can provide in-silico screening capabilities. We will arrange introductions based on your needs.



Usually researchers can provide at least 5mg (Pharma/Biotech – more for other chemical applications).

You can get in touch with the team and directly ask for the sample.

You may also need a partner to develop the assay or acquire larger batches. Our team can introduce you to selected CROs and CMOs with scale-up capabilities.



While not mandatory, we recommend to upload structures with confirmed sample purity above 80%. By experience we know that for industrial biotech applications screeners usually expect a minimum purity level of 80%.


Specific FAQ Legal teams

  • The MTA can not be changed. 
  • Suggestions are welcome and will be considered based on recurrence.
  • In case of future modifications, users will be invited to accept its newer version prior to being able to use the platform again.  


The MTA is concluded directly between users while the platform solely processes it.

The applicable court-of-law is always the one indicated by the Molecule Providers. In many countries, such as Germany or the US, academic institutions can not sign contracts with foreign court-of-laws.

  • Organizations can terminate access to all their members at any time. 
  • All shared compounds can be archived at anytime 
  • It is recommended to keep the organization’s master account active in order to maintain the contracts and links toward the contracts.

If one of your molecules qualifies as a Virtual HIT following a screening, there is no predefined collaborative framework.
For instance, if the potential partner is a Company you may agree on licensing milestones such as:

  • Exclusive licensing rights
  • Patent application success fees
  • Patent approval success fees
  • 1st commercial sale of a product containing the molecule bonus

You can also ask our team to help find the best deal based on our experience. Indeed we can provide you with MTA templates or business cases.

The MTA template is accepted at once, for your entire organisation or specific sub-structures. However, access is limited to designated users only.

That means that upon signature, a main contact within your organisation will be designated.  This main user will be either in charge of centralising libraries’ upload or nominate authorised users.





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