Digital Innovation in R&D

Established in 2021, Inospin Digital Innovation (IDI) was founded on the notion that digital solutions can improve significantly or even bring disruptive innovation in various industry fields but are too complex or too costly for a single player to solve alone.

Collaboration is critical to succeed as well as understanding industry standards in order to be deployed.

IDI works at 2 levels

With leading industry players

On one side, IDI collaborates with leading industry players to analyze their needs and see if synergies can be found.

With academic institutions & start-ups

On the other side, IDI collaborates with academic institutions and start-ups to push forward great science, leveraging Inospin’s IT team collaborative experience, to accelerate concepts (on-board technologies, train models, peer review performance, etc.) into viable technologies fitting industry requirements (ISO based QMS, etc.).

IDI focuses on accessing cutting-edge science and innovative discoveries on AI/ML, blockchain and web3 in any Industry field.

Our Methodology


Translate Industry Request into a feasible digital concept


Identify relevant resources among academic groups and IT experts (Software, datasets, training capabilities, KOLs, etc.)


When falling into a pre-competitive space, check for synergies with other industry players (optional)


Choose between different options combining the best expertises and IT engineering in terms of cost, time, and quality.


Functional prototype (MVP): acquisition of technologies and enrollment of resources, and project management in coordination with the client requirement


Upon validation, development of the app and integration in the client ecosystem

Examples of projects in our network

Drug Discovery

  • Predicting drug-induced changes in gene expression using deep learning ( DEEP CE algorithm)

  • Discovering a novel antibiotic - Halicin by deep neural networks

  • Artificial Intelligent Model for Cancer Patients by Predicting Clinical-Quality Dose

  • Distributions

  • Prophecy of protein–protein interactions in colorectal carcinoma by ML algorithm

  • Neural networks predicting UGT metabolism at Xenosite

Medtech / Diagnostic

  • Deep Learning for Image-based Diagnosis of COVID-19

  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled Control of Hemodynamics and Anesthesia in Surgery Patients

  • DeepGene tool to pinpoint mutation markers in malignant tumors

  • An algorithm that separates melanomas from benign skin lesions with higher precision than that of a human

  • Early-stage diagnosis of Macular Degeneration with the help of deep learning algorithm


  • AI for molecular design

  • Prediction of properties of a chemical mixture

  • Chemical currency

  • ML assisted additive manufacturing

  • Molecular properties determining based on ML

Food & Beverage

  • AI and ML based fruit sorting and grading

  • Food nutrients analysis based on ML

  • Menu generation platform using ML

  • ML driven taste and smell evaluation technology

  • ML based method for food recommending

Agriculture & Crop Science

  • Soil mapping using AI

  • Irrigation optimization using AI

  • Seed sorting and calculation based on ML

  • Pest management using AI

  • AI based yield prediction

Cosmetics & Skin care

  • AI driven online skin diagnostics

  • AI powered virtual mirror

  • AI based method for recommending cosmetics

  • AI powered beauty product search

  • AI based skin tracker sensor to recommend skin needs

Environment & GreenTech

  • Ecological environment analysis using ML

  • Water quality prediction method based on ML

  • Garbage classification using ML

  • Sewage treatment system based on ML

  • Simulated natural ecological vegetation construction method, system and equipment based on ML

Latest trends

Our team has set-up a landscaping for the latest trends in AI & Machine Learning and shared it on a dedicated page:

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