Message from our CEO about Inospin’s efforts against COVID-19!

To all of you,

Over the last few months, COVID-19 has spread rapidly all over the world to become a global crisis. This extraordinary event, that shattered our previous worldview, is not just in the news anymore, it is the news. It is how we live our lives, interact with each other, and form communities.

With the spotlight on the explosive growth and climbing death rate of this pandemic, it can feel like almost nothing is going right at the moment. But that’s not the case.
Millions are rising to the occasion: everyday people, like you and me, staying at home, working remotely, and limiting their interactions with their parents, children, friends, the mailman, the delivery girl…, so the doctors, nurses, firefighters, first responders and the systems they work in could save our loved ones’ lives. To all of you: we cannot thank you enough!

We believe that every new idea has the potential to change the world, that is why we decided to open up our partnering platform for any innovative research project on diagnostic or therapeutic solutions regarding the novel coronavirus.

These ideas will be posted – in close collaboration with you – on our dedicated private platform accessible to all companies searching for original projects related to COVID-19. We will facilitate the connection, but we are not part of the process after a successful match is made.

This crisis is about everyone doing their small part to mitigate the risk, to protect the vulnerable, to save lives, so together we may prosper again when the pandemic recedes.

As part of our contribution, this program is free of charge for every party involved.

We believe this is the right thing to do!

Stay safe and be well !

Clément Vuarchey, CEO of Inospin

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